Visa-for-bribes scandal rocks Poland — reaction and analysis

In this episode of EU Confidential, we discuss an alleged bribery scheme to hand out Polish visas, which is rocking the country just weeks before general elections.

Host Suzanne Lynch talks to POLITICO's Jan Cienski about the illegal scheme, which was operating from within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw, that allowed visas to be sold to thousands of migrants from Asia and Africa.

While the Polish conservative government is trying to minimize the damage, Brussels and Washington are asking for explanations. In the wake of this scandal, Germany has decided to reinstate border checks with Poland to curb migrant crossings. POLITICO’s Hans von der Burchard joins the discussion from Berlin.

Also in the episode, Suzanne speaks to Hans Kundnani, author of "Eurowhiteness: Culture, Empire and Race in the European Project." They continue to discuss migration and European identity more broadly.

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