The race to regulate AI before it's too late

It has been a big week for the world's key players in the race to regulate AI development and make it safe. In this episode of EU Confidential, we bring you a roundup of where things stand — after the AI Safety Summit, organized by U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak; the publication of the G7 AI code of conduct; and the signing by U.S. President Joe Biden of a long-awaited 100-page executive order on regulating and funding AI.

Host Suzanne Lynch, with some assistance from AI technology, talks to POLITICO's technology gurus Mark Scott and Gian Volpicelli about what's at stake and where the EU stands in this regulatory race. Will we see an agreement on facial recognition technology in the EU, or AI-generated surveillance methods?

Later in the episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Professor Anu Bradford, author of "Digital Empires: The Global Battle to Regulate Technology," which focuses on the ongoing rivalry between the tech superpowers.

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