Qatargate: Where do we stand a year after the corruption scandal erupted?

In this episode, we revisit the huge corruption scandal which shook the European Parliament and the EU bubble exactly one year ago.

Host Sarah Wheaton talks to POLITICO colleagues Elisa Braun and Eddy Wax, who sifted through a massive trove of leaked police documents and, along with Gian Volpicelli, co-wrote an investigative series called The Qatargate Files. They bring us up to date on the key players, including former European Parliament Vice President Eva Kaili who is out of jail and back in the chamber awaiting trial, talk about new and fascinating angles to this hugely intricate scandal and explain why the investigation is dragging its feet.

Later, we break down a rare political event: the EU-China summit in Beijing. It was the first face-to-face meeting between EU and Chinese leaders in years. We asked Abigaël Vasselier of the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin and POLITICO's Editor-in-Chief Jamil Anderlini to help us understand the purpose and impact of the talks.

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