Europe braces for US mid-term elections

As Americans head to the polls next week, we dive into transatlantic relations and the impact these elections could have on European policy and relations with Washington.

POLITICO's Suzanne Lynch in Brussels and Ryan Heath in Washington break down the upcoming U.S. mid-term elections. They pick out the important races to watch and discuss how a shift in the balance of power in Congress could change the course of policies impacting Europe, particularly support for Ukraine. And senior trade correspondent Barbara Moens explains the current trade tensions between Brussels and Washington and how the two sides are trying to resolve these differences.

Our special guest is Max Bergmann. He's currently the director of the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington and has previously held several positions within the U.S. State Department. In conversation with POLITICO's Sarah Wheaton, they discuss how Washington views Europe's defense capabilities and how the mid-term elections could impact transatlantic relations.

Programming note: Suzanne and Ryan will be holding a Pro Briefing Call — which is exceptionally open for anyone to join — on the day after the vote. Join them on Wednesday, November 9 at 4 p.m. CET for a live exchange on what the mid-term results mean for U.S. allies and partners, in Europe and beyond. Register here.

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