Deadly attacks on Israel and a bitter Polish election

In this episode of EU Confidential, POLITICO's Barbara Moens joins us to discuss the EU’s muddled response to the heinous attack on Israel in which Hamas killed over a thousand civilians and took dozens of people hostage, sparking outrage and disbelief.

Then we turn our focus to Poland. Host Suzanne Lynch brings us up to date on the crucial general election this Sunday and its potential impact on the EU and Poland’s relationship with Brussels. We hear from POLITICO’s Jan Cienski in Warsaw, who reports on the final stages of a bitter and brutal election campaign, and from Polish members of the European Parliament representing opposition parties in Poland – Róża Thun and Radoslaw Sikorski, outspoken critics of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. We invited PiS to join the conversation, but they declined.

Also in the episode, our producer Dionis Sturis speaks to pro-opposition demonstrators at a Polish anti-government protest in Brussels. 

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