That Little Crime Box

We're back. American Political journalist/writer Jeb Lund and New Zealand comedian Tim Batt have returned after taking an entire Presidential term off to assess the damage and share what they've been up to in the intervening period. In this episode - Jeb can't bring himself to even bet on the planet being here in another four years but has been following the Church of High Sorkin that is the Biden/Harris inauguration with a glistening eye. He's also got the receipts on Matt Gaetz. Tim interested in the Senator Bernie Sander's new roles are Grumpy Opa who is a bit cold/Senate Budget Committee Chair. Also, what will come of the Republican Party from here on in (probably more of the same!) Will Biden live through his term? (Don't ask Tim.) And AOC blew off the inauguration to hang out with Teamsters? Cool.


Tim's Worst Idea of All Time pilot for YouTube

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