On The Road To Pewter Citay

Just like Jamesy sang it, “We’re on the road to Pewter Citay!” Martin, Jamesy, Jumanji and Tark are headed into Viridian Forest after their “pal” Darren who rushed ahead. But calamity has struck – Darren has been abducted! The young all-star trainer will be eating Crobat, when next he meets his friends. …It’s uh, a Poké-idiom… Look it up! Things go from bad to worse when the crew stumbled upon a pair of well-dressed mystery men in the woods and their first real Poké-battle ensues! Join Brandon, Cap, Jonna, Tony, game master Hex, and intrepid anthropologist, Percy Pokéwitz on another densely-wooded adventure in the world of Pokémon. HalleLUGIA!

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