We are the Neurodivergent

We turn your lights on at night
Deliver abilities far beyond Neurotypical minded boundaries

We invent, build and design the unthinkable 
We are Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters
Poets, Scientists, Mystics, Artists, 
Musicians, Lightworkers, Teachers, Shamans, Abolitionists

We come in all shades and all colors
We fight for what's right
Moral "Soul"diers unite

Our frequency centered to the stars
Nash Equilibrium connected to a united humming heart
432hz to start

We see in colors, feelings, numbers and visions 
Beyond describable, eye-able, keywords, summaries or scientific conclusions 
Unthinkable realities in a distant destination

Vibrations in colors, in forms, entangled in many faces, in many places
We are the Neurodivergent
We are the Star Children
Unique in our own right
Truth seekers on a set mission  

With a vision 
Peace, serenity, a multi colored, non-linear dimension, 
A journey, 
A never ending destination
A hub of experiences
Unlocked potential 
To a never ending mission

Peaceful minds, peaceful planets, peaceful souls
Of an inner world
Destined to get out  
Destined to fruition 

We are the Neurodivergent
We are the Star Children

We are united 
By the moral compass inside us
That bonds us
Entangled into the DNA 
Of everything around us