Podshambles 40: Snake Oil (Season Finale)

The Podifications have been made and the results are simply flabberCasting. That's right - it's the end of Podshambles Season 2.Look at how far we've all come - it's actually rather astounding that we're still here/not dead. So what better way to celebrate than an ENORMOUS Podshambles Special?Laurie and Paddy are joined in this Podquest by soon-to-be movie star James Utechin and already-super-rad Zac Cole for a good ol' fashioned game of Snake Oil.We really hope you enjoy this extra-fantastic episode. Thank you all so much for your continued support of the podcast and YouTube channel.Bring your RainbowPhone and start banging your UrgeDrum. Once more unto the breach my friends - it's Podshambles 40.

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