Podshambles 42: Woops! There Go My Genitals

Bread and butter Podding please - and don't hold back on the Castard! Immediate edit: I'm convinced this counts as a pun. C'mon guys it's been 42 episodes and I have to be honest I am running on empty when it comes to puns that contain rhymes for both Pod and Cast.

The Shambiblical prophets return with word of a podcast. Be prepared for Paddy's new game 'Where's Dad?', get ready for Laurie/Flagon's new friend Russo Alicante, and hold onto your butts for the weirdest game of Would You Rather you are likely to hear this week/lifetime/butts.

Lick your fingers, remember your regrets and cry into your casserole - it's Podshambles. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy