The Guitar Summit Special

It's GIVEAWAY MONTH here at Guitar Nerds. We’re going to be giving away some cool accessories on every week’s episode. Starting with Eargasm earplugs.

Now this one is just for US listeners, all you’ve got to do is head over to our Facebook group, join us there if you’re not already a member - and comment on the pinned post for this podcast episode with a nice little picture of your favourite guitar. We will pick 5 winners and announce them in two weeks, on our podcast episode airing on 16th October!

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This week on The Guitar Nerds Podcast, Matt Knight gives the lowdown on Germany's newest, best guitar show; Guitar Summit, and all the incredible things he saw there.

From the Dan Drive to the Mayones Cali 4 Mini bass, Matt walks you through all the best new discoveries, plus some amazing new things from old friends like, Vuorensaku Guitars from Finland, and Greuter Audio from Switzerland.


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