The Broncoff | Part Two

Hello dear listener,

Welcome to part two of the Broncoff! It's been a year in the making! We've had so many things get in the way and delay this series, but finally it's here!

Naomi, JD and myself have each been given a Squier Bronco Bass (Squier's most affordable bass guitar) and access to the Guitar Nerds Credit Card (Jay was not impressed). Our task has been to turn this rather substandard beginner's bass into a stadium grade bass machine!

Follow us over the next 3 episodes, where we talk through our choices, upgrades and adjustments, and give you advice on how you can turn a sub $200 bass into the greatest instrument you've ever owned!

Don't forget to vote for the winner on our Facebook group or Patreon! Voting will open after the third and final episode airs on Wednesday 16th March 2022.

This Broncoff would not have been possible without the help and support of Mojo Pickups, BTN Music & MusicNomad!

Thanks to Music Nomad for the fantastic tools, and brilliant guides on their KISS Keep it Simple Set Up guides.

Thanks to Mojo pickups for being such incredible sports and making us the 3 pickups so quickly (when we then ended up sitting on the series for a year!).

And thank you to BTN Music for providing the hardware for our newly modded Broncos.

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