Let's Build A Vintage Guitars Pro Shop!

Hello dear listener, 

This week, Matt and I are introducing our new VINTAGE GUITARS PRO-SHOP LISTENER GUITAR BUILD!!! Each week you can vote on a different feature of the guitar, from body, to neck to finish etc. - Matt and I will work out what the most popular suggestions are, and eventually we'll end up with a Guitar Nerds Listener team designed Vintage Pro Shop Custom Built guitar!

Vintage have then agreed to make this monstrosity and then we can give it away on the podcast!

For week one, we just want your suggestions on the guitar body. You have to choose from Vintage's standard guitar line. All the models can be found on their website. 

You can let us know your suggestions any way you like - DM us, email us, message on the Facebook Group, post pictures on Instagram and tag us. We'll collate the findings and work it all out next week!

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