SIÂN PATTENDEN & BEN MOOR - Changes Wrought On Our Hometown

Joining Tom Jackson - recorded in the golden, faraway days before lockdown - to discuss the postcards from their pasts are writer & podcaster SIÂN PATTENDEN (Smash Hits, the Guardian, Agatha Bilke, Bigmouth podcast) and writer and performer BEN MOOR (Fist of Fun, A Supercollider for the Family, Undone, Coelacanth, Who Here’s Lost). We get ribbed about carpets, assess the joys of the suburbs, discover a million postcard artworks and confess to badgering Alan Bennett; the journey takes us from the shifting pebbles of Whitstable to a comfort break at the most talked about men's restroom in the world with Stewart Lee and Kevin Eldon. Wish you were here?

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