NIGE TASSELL & GAIL RENARD - The Shrimp Was Fresh & The Picture Is Frozen

Joining TOM JACKSON to discuss the postcards from their pasts are writers NIGE TASSELL (Whatever Happened to the C86 Kids?: An Indie Odyssey, Field of Dreams: 100 Years of Wembley in 100 Matches) and GAIL RENARD (John Lennon: Give Me a Chance, My Eight Days with John and Yoko, Monty & Co.) We build our postcard world from scratch, scratch, scratch, as we discover a living peace protest in Montreal with John Lennon, find ourselves playing frisbee in South East Minneapolis, meet skinny boys with floppy fringes turned driving instructors, visit the oldest chemist’s shop in England, and encounter Spotty Muldoon on the harmonium. A toupee flies in the wind, we commit publishing brand violations, spend a £2.99 postal order, quiz the Belgian Morrissey, and order chips, chips, and chips again. The Queen Is Dead, boys, but who sent the mystery postcard? Wish you were here?

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