Podcast Domination Show

by Luis Diaz
Hey, its Luis! This show is my little testing ground and the #1 place to get your questions answered about launching a podcast, growing a podcast, and yes making some $$$ from your podcast either directly or indirectly. Here I share my best and wildest ideas, tactics and growth hacks that you can implement to grow your audience faster, monetize without a trillion downloads and have fun along the way. After launching more than 40 podcasts in 18 months, helping my clients grow their audiences, generate sales from their shows and of course making a bunch of mistakes along the way, I've learned a lot! So I'm here to give you the straight, raw, reality of what works, what doesn't, and what I'm doing right now that's working. Get in touch over on Instagram @luisryandiaz or Luisryan.com.

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