The Pictish Trail Podcast

Welcome to the Podcart podcasts.This week's very special guest is Pictish Trail aka Johnny Lynch! He talks about some of the significant songs that have soundtracked his life so far, his label Lost Map and more. You can find out more about Pictish Trail at: listen and enjoy and remember to check out the artists in more depth.1. Pictish Trail - 'Dead Connection' (Lost Map)2. Erasure - 'Don't Dance' 3. The Beta Ban - 'Inner Meet Me' 4. James Yorkston - 'Don't Let Me Down' 5. Boards Of Canada - 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country' 6. Hot Chip - 'Crap Craft Dinner'7. Tuff Love - 'Penguin' (Lost Map) 8. Pictish Trail - 'Far Gone (Don't Leave)' (Lost Map)

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