Life Is Like A Box Of Records

In this episode of Life Is Like A Box Of Records, Halina Rifai speaks to Blue Kirkhope

Blue has worked over the past 5 years with well-known independent record labels based in London, including Matador Records and Erased Tapes.

Originally a Glasgow native, she has first-hand experience within Scotland’s music scene helping to nurture and publicise local talent. She has since returned to home soil and is Communications and Events Executive for Scottish Music Industry Association. She is also part of the Music Declares Emergency team who are campaigning to raise awareness over the lack of action surrounding climate change. 

Blue also selects music. Her tracklisting is: 

Queen: ‘One Vision’ 

Laura Veirs: ‘July Flame’ 

David Bowie: ‘Queen Bitch’ 

Nils Frahm: ‘Says’

Alice Coltrane: ‘Journey In Satchidananda’ 

Scott Walker: 'The Old Man’s Back Again’ 

Bob Dylan: ‘Main Title Theme (Billy)’ *film soundtrack pick*

You can find more info on Music Declares Emergency via their website: 

You can also find out more info on Scottish Music Industry Association via: 


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