Life Is Like A Box Of Records

In this episode of Life Is Like A Box Of Records, Halina Rifai speaks to Jill Lorean.

Jill Lorean is the nom de guerre of Jill O’Sullivan- founding member of Sparrow & The Workshop & Bdy Prts. The Glasgow musician is releasing her debut EP under her new name Pay 4th.

She is a vibrant, warm, positive person and her musicianship is equally as inspiring.

Jill also selects music. Her tracklisting is: 

Madonna: ‘Into The Groove’

Ms. Lauryn Hill: ‘When It Hurts So Bad’ 

Portishead: ‘Wandering Star’

Cat Power: ‘Free’

Songs: Ohio, Scout Niblett: ‘Preoria Lunch Box Blues’

Silver Apples: ‘Program’

Jill Lorean: ‘Eyes On The Bird’

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