Bonus • How To Make A Podcast by Pod Bible (Himalaya series • Episode 1)

Welcome to a very special bonus episode of the Pod Bible podcast!

Dearest Pod Bible crew, it’s a proper bonus treat this week as we present you with a glimpse at a very special series indeed… This is the debut episode in the limited series called ‘How To Make A Podcast’, from the makers and presenters of Pod Bible.

It’s a series on the Himalaya platform, and functions as a top to bottom instruction manual of what it really takes to bring a podcast into the world. While the process is not as easy as it may always seem, it’s definitely something that is entirely achievable - and hugely exciting at that. This series will show you everything that is required, every step and every link in the chain. But not only that - you’ll hear from experts in the field and learn some valuable tips to strengthen your skillset too.

So have a taster with this bonus episode, and go and get your free trial over at Himalaya NOW for more! Some amazing stuff going on there…

Enter the code POD at checkout for your trial. Enjoy!

HIMALAYA • How To Make A Podcast with Pod Bible


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