Summery Dismissal, Derby Dearth, and Big Dan Burn

Taylor Payne hosts your go-to Newcastle United podcast from The Athletic with club correspondent Chris Waugh, Senior Writer George Caulkin, and news reporter Phil Buckingham.
George is a little thrown this week as he's usually on his yacht in St Tropez at this time of year. Instead, we're podding through the heatwave with an exclusive Dan Burn interview, a look ahead to next season's fixtures, and a special feature about the fixture we definitely won't have.
There hasn't been a league match against Sunderland in six years, soon to be seven, and Phil Buckingham makes the case in favour of a blood-and-thunder local derby. But, our most recent record isn't great, and the lads are sceptical about bringing back the chummock-sterning feeling of derby day.
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