The L Word Gen Q: Re-run

Actress and broadcaster Rachel Shelley (aka British heiress Helena Peabody) takes a personal look at the evolution of Showtime's much beloved sapphic series The L Word, from its original OG days to its latest iteration, The L Word Generation Q, Season 3.

Delving deep into the podDIVA audio archive, including interviews with:

Also starring YOU! The listener! Wooo hooo!

Wherever you are in the world. Sharing your L Word Gen Q hopes, crushes, obsessions ... plus life-changing tales that will make your heart sing with solidarity. Or your toes tingle with tenderness.

Thank you for all your many, many contributions, podDIVA is only sorry we couldn't include them all.

Thanks also to the awesome Betty for kind use of The L Word theme song (The Way That We Live) , recorded live on stage at DIVA Women's Stage, Leicester Square, London Pride 2018.

Listen out for an EXCLUSIVE preview of their new album next week on podDIVA - when band members Elizabeth Ziff and Aly Palmer talk all things Betty.

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Produced and edited by Rachel Shelley with love and support from #TeamDIVA

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This episode was first published in November 2022

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