Jade LeMac

Over on TikTok, the queer scene is thriving. And that’s where today’s guest on podDIVA first made her name as a singer-song writer, becoming a social media sensation. 

Jade Le Mac is from the beautiful Vancouver Island, where she’s been making music since she was 12 years old.  We’re lucky enough to feature a couple of those tracks in this episode – Car Accident and Constellations. Both are from her EP Constellations, available now.  So thank you Jade.

In this episode, Jade LeMac talks to Krysta Mckenzie,  DIVA’s new Editorial Assistant. Welcome Krysta!

They chat about her musical upbringing, legendary karaoke songs and realising she was bisexual.

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Edited and produced by Rachel Shelley with love and support from #TeamDIVA

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