DIVA Debrief: January 2023

Happy New Queer, 2023!

With the iconic Jennifer Beals on the gorgeous, glossy cover.

And some joyous suggestions for New Queer Resolutions on the pages in between.

Rachel Shelley (aka Helena in The L Word) discusses the latest issue of DIVA magazine with Her Royal DIVA-ness our illustrious editor Roxy Bourdillon. Nominated for Editor of the Year 2022 by the British Society of Magazine Editors, Roxy's also a self-styled zine nerd.

In this episode, Roxy gives a personal account of the giggly highs of making your favourite LGBTQIA+ gorgeous glossy mag, from interviewing her idol Jennifer Beals, to the never-ending search for L Word cover stars.

Plus: Grrrl Zine Library in Southend, where over 600 feminist and lesbian zines have been collected and preserved; Valentino Vecchietti on lessons learnt from maidenhead ferns; and the rise of carabiners from queer signifier into mainstream fashion.

Plus an exclusive Beyond Borders feature starring you, the DIVA listener. Wherever You Are in the World.

This month: KJ in Bendigo, Australia.

KJ is an award winning writer of Sapphic Fiction novels - find out more here: KJ author.

Want to hear more from Jennifer Beals and all things LGBTQIA? Grab your copy of DIVA's January issue here.

Produced and edited by Rachel Shelley with love and support from #TeamDIVA

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