Beth Mead: Lioness, My Journey to Glory

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holigays!

DIVA magazine this month has the wonderful football queen and Lioness Beth Mead on the cover in all her Golden Boot glory!

And today, podDIVA has gift wrapped an exclusive extract of Beth’s book, Lioness: My Journey to Glory, in our esteemed editor’s voice.

That’s right, Roxy Bourdillon narrates a beautiful chapter of festive cheer and podDIVA has dropped it on to the warm hearth of your digital device. 

To let you know we’re with you this Christmas Day… and every day.

Want to hear more from Beth and all things LGBTQIA? Grab your copy of DIVA's December issue here.

Edited by Rachel Shelley

Produced by Rachel Shelley with love and support from #TeamDIVA

Narrated by Roxy Bourdillon.

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