Mini Ep: Ménage a Molly

It’s a mini episode! Don’t worry, we’ll be back with a full ep next week but we need your calls to make it happen. Call 323-450-7408, or email a letter or voice note to askplzadvise [at]! Do it before Saturday at 9am PT with the password “Franklin” at the end, and you’ll be eligible to receive a $15 iTunes gift card!

This mini ep was recorded after Daniel Van Kirk’s appearance on the “Rumchata” episode, so you might want to go back and listen to that after. Molly and Kristina talk about becoming certified beauticians in time for Malibu prom, Molly recalls a very unusual encounter with Dennis Rodman, her mother, and a threesome proposal... and much more happens in this quick ep.

Enjoy this mini ep and remember to call 323-450-7408 with your problems! For information regarding your data privacy, visit