Elastic Heart and IBS (Featuring Jackie Johnson)

This new hilarious episode of “Plz Advise” features Molls (twitter.com/molls) chatting up actress Jackie Johnson (twitter.com/jackie_michele) about “Inherent Vice,” “Fifty Shades of Grey” and they also take your calls about getting over a breakup, dating a co-worker and dealing with online haters. Molls also interviews Nick the Roommate.

If you have a question for Molly, call in at: 323-450-7408 or email us at askplzadvise [at] gmail.com.

Produced by: Kristina Lopez [https://twitter.com/KristinaLopez]
Assistant Producer: Christina Milazzo [https://twitter.com/frizzyfilazzo]
Artwork by: Heather Peterson [https://twitter.com/hrrrthrrr]

Music: https://soundcloud.com/edpemusic/elastic-heart-ft-the-weeknd
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