Would You Trust the Magic House in Encanto?

We're in the magical land of Encanto! There's a big house that keeps giving that one family fantastical powers and we, humble citizens of Encantoland don't know how to feel about it! On one hand our lives have become so much easier that we can now spend all our time at Jackson's Loveable Puppet Shop but on the other hand why can that boy turn into anyone and why does that family need to hear our secrets? Now that we think about it, we're becoming increasingly suspicious of that magic house. Zammit has a pet theory on the intended purpose of the Madrigals, Duscher excitedly tells the boys about a great time in history and Jackson offers the small town a simple creature comfort they all want. Maybe the best move is to eat that candle and or touch that magic doorknob to get knife hands or become a chicken.

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