Would You Trust Link to Save Hyrule if You Were Just a Regular Guy in Hyrule?

In times of great distress a hero destined for great things will appear to save Hyrule and stop it getting dunked. Or he won’t and he’ll cook it. Or he’ll arrive late. Sometimes not at all! We don’t know. We’re either too complacent or not complacent enough. We know some guy’s got this and you need to trust in the method. Unless he doesn’t got this because no one can bat 100. Or he doesn’t know that he should have got this and he needs to step up because time is running out! Unless we’re the hero and we didn’t step up and now we need to step up? Maybe I’m the special little boy? It’s probably best to put on some green tights and do some trials to see if we’re the guy. Just to be sure. Or maybe we should find the guy? All of this is too much, best to just think about Mario eating a bad plum.

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