Which Would be the Worst Ghost to be Haunted by?

Join Joel "Hell" Duscher, Jackson "Balyinsten’s Monster" Baly and Joel "Spooky Joel" Zammit for a special Halloween episode of Plumbing the Death Star were they discuss which ghost is the worst to be haunted by.

Joel "Hell" Duscher thinks Casper the Friendly Ghost would be a nightmare to live with because he is too happy. It would be like babysitting a cousin you don’t like. Jackson "Balyinsten’s Monster" Baly says a dreaded name too many times and summons Beetlejuice (and Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis), but it gets away from him a bit. And last but not least, Joel "Spooky Joel" Zammit chooses a ghost ship, but not the ship from the film Ghost Ship, one of the ships from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But also maybe the ghost from Ghost Ship. We'll be honest lads, this whole episode kinda got away from us.

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