Which Would be the Worst Ape to Have Raised Tarzan?

We all know Tarzan being raised by ape was inevitable, but what if different ape?? Confused by the theory of evolution, the boys become wary of making apes too clever and get scared by what comes next. Zammit puts forward Bigfoot with their skills of hide and seek, Jackson suggests the Wifeless Wonder himself, Gorilla Grodd and his need for a human to be the face of his criminal empire while JD looks at the coconut throwing jewel thief that is Dunston from Dunston Checks In and how that orangutan cannot handle any form of criticism. But be it Bigfoot, Gorilla Grodd or Dunston we should all be thankful that Tarzan wasn’t raised by the worst real ape: mandrill. A horrible and nasty creature. Loathed by all and the closest we have on god’s green earth that resembles a xenomorph. If all dogs go to heaven, every mandrills goes to hell, where they flourish.

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