Which Would be the Hardest Fictional Company to Run?

Join Joel, Joel and Jackson for another flawless Plumbing the Death Star as they attempt to answer a question no one was asking, namely what would be the hardest fictional company to run?

Jackson, not only runs a company into the ground but also destroys multiple planets along the way when he become the CEO of The Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Zammit gets involved with the wrong crowd when we take over Los Pollos Hermanos and unintentionally taking over the distribution of meth from Gus Fring. Now Zammit has to choose between his morals or his life. Last but by no means least Duscher take over the haute couture fashion brand, House of DeVil, from 101 Dalmatians. Which leads him down the path of trying to spin a coat made of puppies as political commentary.

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