When Did Rhodey Become a Skrull (Spoilers for Secret Invasion: a Show You Don't Want to See) also Why the Hell Aren't the Studio Lights On (It's Dark in Here)?

It’s the biggest event of the MCU that no one’s talking about! Because no one really cares! When did James “Rhodey" Rhodes aka War Machine get taken over by a Skrull? The boys try to figure out the perfect time to nab the real Rhodes, try to figure out just when the invasion they kept oh so secret kicked off and try to figure out how Skrull work? It’s confusing and badly presented in the TV show. From missed opportunities to clowns as a metaphor, we ensure that no stone (or gem (which Rhodes could have just grabbed (if he was a skrull at the time) as he was right there)) is left unturned trying to figure out when this feasibly could have happened. The answer won’t surprise you. Or it might, as you didn’t watch this garbage.

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