What Would Your Ultimate Crime Fighting Superpower Be? (Again)

The last time the boys tackled this question it left everyone with an existential crisis and now Zammit wants to redeem himself. But before he can do that Duscher wants to get really big. Like Ant man but without the pesky problem of getting little. Joel Duscher can grow to be a 12ft man, who can rip the roof of a bank and take bites of cars. JD alias The Shaker aka Mr Big Nude, a veritable Robin Hood to all those effected by wage theft! Wowing civilians and on-lookers with his signature move, The Shake Down, where he picks up businesses and shakes them.

Jackson wants to be a whole city otherwise known as Pluck-o the City man, which is essentially a Symbiote. Only he doesn’t have enough self awareness to fight crime right and humans are like ants crawling on his skin which won't possibly go wrong.

Finally Zammit becomes The Hunch and gains the ability to change the narrative. He can shift reality to make everything the way he thinks it should be. Making innocent people guilty, guilty people innocent! History and memories change on a whim! There isn't a situation where he isn't always 100% correct.

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