What Would You Do With the Beach That Makes You Old?

Remember to slip on your comfortable jeans, slop up a big heaping bowl of spaghetti, slap down for sale sign to encourage potential wealthy investors, seek out the best antique forgers known to man and slide on down to the beach that makes you old as we try and nut out what to do with such a unique and naturally occurring phenomena. The boys keep sending good money after bad to make it good as they each put forward their own harebrained scheme to exploit the beach that makes things old. Jackson never once waivers from his antiquing scheme, Zammit in a huff tries to offload a depreciating asset and Duscher does his part for the environment. And of course if you could please like, comment and subscribe to Spaghettima Sins and don’t forget to hit that bell so you never miss an episode. Ding.

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