What Are the Existential Implications of Living in the Boss Baby (Universe)?

Against their better judgment two thirds of the Plumbing Boys sat down and watched The Boss Baby. Then one half of that third watched the sequel The Boss Baby: Family Business. Firmly steeped in Boss Baby lore, we now have a lot of questions. How old is a Boss Baby? Are the executives we know and love today just Boss Baby Men? Will a grown up Boss Baby have the same personality when he is a Boss Man? Is it ethical to take away the binky of a Boss Baby? Why does James Marsden keep being cucked? A lot of important questions, some answered but most not. So go have a lie down, refuse to imagine a scenario where puppies outlive you and don’t you dare dream of a world with a finite amount of love. Pre-existence may be a factory line ever edging you towards predeterminism but at least your existence isn’t. We think.

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