Is the Avatar Program the Ideal Use for an Avatar?

This week on Plumbatar, the boys ask the burning question we've all been dying to know: Is the Avatar Program the ideal use for an Avatar? Tune in for a wild and unhinged episode of Plumbing as the boys lose their minds and go off on many terrible tangents. They'll discuss how they could buy Buckingham Palace for the cost of two Avatars, the sexiness of the Na'vi, and whether James Cameron was just trying to give us all a nipple boner. It's a wild ride, so buckle up and join the fun on Plumbatar.

This the second episode of Plumbatar, a Plumbing the Death Star miniseries to celebrate the release of Avatar: Way of Water. What better way to spend December than with ya boys as we all get collectively depressed that we can't be on the magical world of Pandora and being wet Na'vi. We See You.

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