Is it so Bad That the Skrulls are Here Now hmm?

The more we keep thinking about Skrulls the more questions we keep having. The biggest problem with Skrulls are if they’re even a problem. Sure they can look like your dad but who cares? Some people said I looked like Jeff Buckley when I was younger, didn’t do much for me or Jeff (he was dead at the time). Now if I had done a Talented Mr Ripley on ol’ Jeffy boy, that’s bad! But I didn’t, so who cares? Plus why are the Skrulls relying on Fury for anything? The Skrulls are better than humans on every level. The Skrulls are Skrulls! Fury’s an old man! This show is silly, we advise you don’t watch it. Two dads tho? Now there’s a show. Three? My three dads?? That’s money for jam.

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