If You Were a Superman Villain What Would Your Gimmick Be? (Feat. Mr SundayMovies)

In which our heroes pick up a comic, flick through the pages and decide to give this Superman fella the business while asking if we were a Superman villain, what would our gimmick be? Straight off the bat we discuss evil wizards, the keys to hassling Superman and the in and outs of Lex Luthor's land deals. Jackson has a complex plan to put Superman back in a TV, Zammit remembers that the Irredeemable comic is super good, Duscher tries to argue the logistics of a sentient tornado and James just wants everyone to remember that Pa Kent is a bad bloke. Join us as we all realise very quickly why Superman villains are all the same and if there is one take away lesson from today's episode it's that you should never trust a dog.

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