How Would You Keep a Secret Identity?

Keeping your identity secret is a time honoured tradition in the super heroing community, so what happens when three bumbling idiots try their best to conceal their identities from the public? Introducing Lead Lad, he may be a CEO of many companies and a tech genius but he’s not in that hi-tech mech suit that he designed. That’s a body guard and or a robot! You may know him as Scorpiman, the menace of New York but he’s actually just a mild-mannered reporter looking for the news! Have you found it? Let us know! And last but not least, the mysterious King Hit! He’s wrapped in bandages and we’ve never seen him throw a punch, but his sidekick Punching Bag seems eternally uneasy with their alliance! So listen in as these three amazing superheroes fight crime and protect their identity!

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