How Would You Deal With the Shark Problem in Jaws Better Than How They Deal With the Shark Problem in Jaws?

The boys need some quick cash so hastily wrote “and also Sharks too” on their “will kill the following for $5” sign and as luck would have it the mayor of Amity Island was walking by with a huge Jaws problem! The only catch? They can’t shut down the beach and they’ve only got two days. Zammit’s plans quickly get away from him as dolphins start getting dressed up as sexy ladies, JD wants to fasten the effects of global warming and Jackson wants to go fishing with him as the worm. It’s Jaws v the boys as they cobble together harebrained scheme after harebrained scheme to get rid of this great white once and for all and earn that $5 (each tho, don’t you dare skimp on that extra tenner Mr. Mayor, we will cause a scene).

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