How Would You Bless a Small Village? with Matt Stewart and Dave Warneke

This week on plumbing the boys have are joined by Dave Warneke and Matt Stewart (from Do Go On) who have convinced them to change tactics and bless that small village (while also letting us all know you should head to to check out their upcoming live shows!)!

Zammit want to help everyone get more done in a day and so blesses everyone with another them so they can get shit done (multiple man style). Jackson decides the best course of action is essential to make everyone candy. Duscher turns the whole village into astronauts while Matt wants to give the people the gift of edging and Dave just wants everyone to have a great Wednesday!

Now don't forget November the 8th to the 20th Matt and Dave are going to be in the UK! And of course, remomber remomber the 26th of Octomber to check out Matt Stewart's YouTube Special!

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