Could You Capitalise On Hearing Johnny B. Goode in 1955?

While Marty McFly has only one thing on his mind (making his parents fuck pussy from behind style) the boys are gobsmacked by this new sound they didn’t even know they were looking for. With little to no musical talent, these three idiots with dog brains have 3 years to capitalise on what will be the feel good hit of the summer! While badly remembering the lyrics Calvin Kline sang, the gang ultimately convince themselves the theme of the song was crawfish and lean in hard and thus the band Crawfish Daddies is formed and comes out with the very relatable (at least in the South) single ‘Crawfish Car’. Sing along as Jackson gives his past self a puzzling message, JD isn’t impressed by you hearing a song and Zammit instantly tries to glom on to any fame and fortune using the only thing he has going for him: his mouth.

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