Why Does the Toothfairy Collect Teeth?

In which our heroes present bloody molars to their parents, get a good night of sleep and awake to gold coins while questioning why the Tooth Fairy collects teeth. Join us as we encounter humanity’s magical foes, politely ask them not to kill our kids and find ourselves in a succession of conflicts with the Fey/Fay/Fae. Jackson contemplates the applications of a tooth stockpile, Zammit tries to negotiate a fair peace treaty and Duscher just wants to satisfyingly deliver film synopses. Prepare yourself for the War of Teeth as we draw back the curtain on a (disg)race of creatures hiding under the guise of a single entity to rob us of precious enamel. Well, scrap enamel. And in exchange for gold. And under the cover of darkness, presumably out of fear. Hmm. We may be the bad guys here. Troubling.

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