Are Sidekicks Worth It?

Life as a superhero is often taxing, the hours are long and it sure can be lonely. Plus there’s only so much a single costumed vigilante can do! You can’t join a team because you’re a lone wolf and that would ruin your reputation. Having a partner doesn’t feel right to you as that implies the power dynamic is equal. If only there was some kind of solution where you, a fully grown man, could have a student-teacher relationship with some kind of youth so your authority is respected but you don’t have to deal with all that duty of care nonsense that would prevent you from using them as bait to attract you serial killing nemeses. Boy, do we have some great news! Introducing sidekick! All of the bond you’re craving without any of that pesky responsibility! Need a plucky teen to nimbly cut some wires of a bomb when your big, strong hands would be too strong and powerful to do so? Sidekick! Needs someone to stay behind to ensure the blast doors stay closed when the bomb goes off? Of course you’d do it, but your city needs you! You can’t be the one that dies, you’re the main character! Sidekick! And what about when you’re handling a dangerous bomb like device like a bomb? Can you imagine what would happen if you dropped it? Better shirk that responsibility into softer and more youthful hands. Just call 1800-SIDEKICK for your disposable teen now!

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