If You Could Exploit a Trope from Television for Financial Gain or Personal Benefit Which One Would You Pick and How Would You Do So? (Feat. Michael Williams and Adam)

In which our heroes enter the world of television, decide they need to make a quick buck, and then get hoisted by their own petard as we ask if you could exploit a trope from television for financial gain or personal benefit what would it be? We talk the availability of radios, the star power of Bill Clinton, and weather or not sleeping is a skill. Duscher's Nan gets murdered, Adam does his best to steal treasure, Michael has a run in with Lil' Wayne, and Jackson gets his self esteem destroyed.
So turn on your tv, aquire the amount of money you specifically needed at that point, get stabbed because it's christmas, and steal some gems from some children. With special guest Lil Wayne and Bill Clinton.

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