How Would You Survive the Labours of Billy Madison’s Academic Decathlon?

The boys have decided that they could take on Eric, Billy Madison's nemesis, by taking Billy Madison's place in his Academic Decathlon. We present a lot of piss solutions to a big piss problem, play a simple game of 'pigs' to try and endear us to Veronica and burn our thumbs with hot sugar to impress the judges. We're all very confident we could beat a second team all-American Harvard track athlete, make the bold claim that we're at least as smart as a cat (if not smarter) and are all extremely confident we could body a bullet. So join the boys as we don't remember Shakespeare, shoehorn smut into a question about the Industrial Revolution and get taken down by our own hubris. Thanks Veronica for beating the shit out of us. PS Eric drinks his own pee.

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