Episode 19 - Meditation and conversation with Alice Waters

In this episode which was recorded live at the Parisian urban farm La Plantation, Lili Barbery-Coulon interviewed Alice Waters. Renowned American chef, activist and founder of non-profit organization The Edible Schoolyard, Alice Waters created the famous restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley in 1971. She is convinced we can change the world through the connection of our senses and education. A “delicious revolution” as she likes to name it, that has inspired thousands of chefs around the globe and has even inspired a French version of the Edible Schoolyard called “école comestible” (listen to episode 17 to learn more about this). Alice Waters just published her second cook book in French : L’art de la cuisine simple (co-published by Keribus and Actes Sud). This episode is in English. If you want to listen to the French translated version, go and listen to episode 18.  

About Lili Barbery-Coulon

Former journalist (French Vogue, M, the magazine of Le Monde), Lili Barbery-Coulon is the author of three books in France: Pimp my breakfast, La reconciliation, L’oracle des mantras. Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, she is the founder of the podcast Pleine Presence (which means full presence in French) which gathers interviews of people who inspire her for their positive impact on their environment. This episode is the first she records in English. And hopefully not the last!


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