Episode 1: Welcome to the PlayLab Podcast

Welcome to the PlayLab Podcast, this is a place where we share what we are learning from our research and where we dive deep into our evidence-based model called Conceptual PlayWorlds for the intentional teaching of STEM concepts in the early years of childhood, both in the home and in early childhood settings. In this episode we are going to go back to where it all started, then we’ll bring you all the way forward into the present - to where we are today. 

Today we have our team with us to speak about their experience working and interacting in Conceptual PlayWorlds. You will be hearing from this wonderful team of dedicated researchers in the future too, going deeper into the research, sharing what we are finding - almost as it is happening!  

Our host:

Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer

Director, Conceptual PlayLab

Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer holds the Foundation Chair of Early Childhood Education and Development at Monash University, Australia. She was awarded the 2018 Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellowship by the Australian Research Council and was a former President of the International Society of Cultural-historical Activity Research (ISCAR). Additionally, she holds the positions of an honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Education, University of Oxford, and a second professor position in the KINDKNOW Centre, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and has been bestowed the title of Honorary professor at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark. She was presented with the 2019 Ashley Goldsworthy Award for Outstanding leadership in university-business collaboration. 

Today's Panel featuring:

Dr Prabhat Rai

Senior Research Fellow

Prabhat leads the Conceptual PlayLab’s research into STEM learning in family homes. Prabhat completed his PhD from Oxford and comes to us from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Previously he worked as a Senior Fellow (Research) in Bhutan and was an Assistant Professor with Academic Unit of the Central Board of Secondary Education in Delhi. He brings extensive experience in researching communities, early years settings and families.

Dr Rebecca Lewis

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Rebecca comes to the Conceptual PlayLab with a PhD in professional development from a cultural-historical perspective, together with over fifteen years of teaching and leadership experience in the early childhood education field. Using the Conceptual PlayWorld model her focus is supporting educators' role in play to create engaging opportunities for children's participation, learning and development.

Dr. Tanya Stephenson

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Tanya is the first Kathleen Fitzpatrick ARC Laureate scholarship holder to complete her PhD with the Conceptual PlayLab. She is passionate about advancing early childhood STEM education. Her doctoral research focused on early childhood teacher professional development, particularly teacher practices to encourage girls in STEM. Her research interests include early childhood education, STEM education, educational equity, curriculum and policy, educational psychology and teacher professional development.

The PlayLab podcast brings snapshots of research findings into early childhood STEM learning and play as it is happening. Jump onto the website for resources, or follow us through the newsletter, Twitter with Marilyn, and Private Facebook for educators.

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