Episode 3: The Educators perspective and opening opportunities for young girls in STEM

In this episode we look at Conceptual PlayWorlds in terms of the changing role of the educator and what this means for children’s engagement with STEM, particularly for young girls. To discuss this we have our team of researchers. Rebecca Lewis and Tanya Stephenson have been leading this work with educators. They will be sharing the perspective of the educators who have been part of the research, implementing Conceptual PlayWorlds. We will also have a special guest Lisa Refalo, Kindergarten Teacher, Emmanuel Kindergarten, Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton.

Our panel today:

Dr Rebecca Lewis

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Rebecca comes to the Conceptual PlayLab with a PhD in professional development from a cultural-historical perspective, together with over fifteen years of teaching and leadership experience in the early childhood education field. Using the Conceptual PlayWorld model her focus is supporting educators' role in play to create engaging opportunities for children's participation, learning and development.

Dr. Tanya Stephenson

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Tanya is the first Kathleen Fitzpatrick ARC Laureate scholarship holder to complete her PhD with the Conceptual PlayLab. She is passionate about advancing early childhood STEM education. Her doctoral research focused on early childhood teacher professional development, particularly teacher practices to encourage girls in STEM. Her research interests include early childhood education, STEM education, educational equity, curriculum and policy, educational psychology and teacher professional development. 

Our guest today:

Lisa Refalo, Kindergarten Teacher at Emmanuel Kindergarten, Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton

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